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Why Did You Want to Start Your Own Business?

I was working at the hospital as Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and only had three months of maternity leave to be with my newborn and adjust to this brand-new lifestyle. My husband and I were also planning a wedding at this time (I have no idea why we did this to ourselves) and so I decided to go back to work only after two months so that we could have more of an income to pay for our wedding. This decision hit me harder than I ever expected it to and was the most difficult transition I have ever been through. I ended up going into postpartum depression, working full-time, not being able to pump milk at the times I needed to, and not getting that quality time with my son. I remember crying every morning before work telling my husband I can’t do this anymore then coming home and feeling like I wasn’t enough for my son and husband. My husband, Jason, and I had opposite work schedules, we couldn’t afford daycare, and we didn’t have support from family because they lived far away. We were the only ones taking care of our son day and night switching off. At this point I knew something in my life had to change and a fire was ignited in my heart to start my own business. Stay tuned for how the process went starting our own business in our next blog!

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